Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hope of Vision Publishing Testimonial: Helen King

Testimonial from Helen King - Author of "You Are Not Alone"

Hope of Vision Publishing has been a HUGE blessing. Every aspect of my experience has been pleasant and done with excellence. I was amazed at how the illustrator took my vision for the cover and gave me the exact look I desired. Germaine, has a way of making me feel that my book is the only project that she is working on. I am able to communicate with her as many times as needed to receive assistance in whatever capacity I am seeking at that moment. She has given countless hours of support and encouraged me to continue to fulfill my dream of becoming an author. She has celebrated every milestone with me along my journey and has offered valuable suggestions to bring my first book to fruition. Hope of Vision as my Publishing company helped me to know that I am not alone.

You Are Not Alone

New Book Release
By: Helen King
On Sale Now for $9.99

Are you facing infertility? Have you ever felt alone while facing the many challenges dealing with infertility? Have you cried silent tears? Have you ever felt like giving up? Do you feel your husband doesn’t understand what you are feeling? Are you tired of family, friends and well wishers offering advice to you?

In You Are Not Alone, Helen Jackson King shares her personal testimony of her seven years and eight months season of waiting. It was during this time that Helen learned to Trust God with her fears, tears and uncertainties.

Components of Life: Mind, Body & Spirit

New Book Release
By: Phyllis Miller-Bridges
On Sale Now for $12.99

She has graced lives with her rich insights into the mystery and magnificence of being a marred yet divinely sculptured workmanship of God. The “Components of Life” poetry collection flows out of a life of great potential, purpose, pain, perseverance, and personal encounter with God’s saving grace.

She is an author of life’s lyrics, a friend in my times of frustrating circumstances, a counselor in times of bewilderment, and an inspiration in times of hopelessness. Discover the depth of wisdom and creative expression with which Phyllis selflessly shares. She speaks from personal experience to the heart, mind, and soul.

Elder Carl C. Miller,
Minister in Foreign Missions, Seoul Korea

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let's Be Real: The Truth About Church and Church Leadership

New Book Release
By: Tiangello T. Hill
On Sale Now for $9.99

Whatever your need or situation, this book will liberate anyone who refuses to be continuously victimized by past defeats while pursuing a prophetic purpose according to the will of God. If you are ready for a new beginning and a daily walk consumed with victory, this is your guide to the rest of your life!

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Book Release By: Vernon J. Shazier

101 Champion Leadership Quotes to help you reach Championship Status.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Book Release
By: Vernon S. Williams
On Sale Now for $14.99

If the melody of Heaven is worship, worship is the tension on earth.

Very possibly the final session Christ has with His disciples is that of an experience on the Mountain at Galilee. He forewarns them, prior to Calvary, to meet Him there. He sends an angel after Calvary with a message to meet Him there. He reveals Himself before Mary and Mary Magdalene to remind the disciples to go to the Mountain of Galilee for there He says, “I will meet you.”

Matthew’s Gospel Chapter 28:16 - 17 records the meeting. He tells them to go and tell everyone you see about this way of life.

Worship! Join the harmony!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Book Release
By: Vernon J. Shazier
On Sale Now for $9.99

The purpose of this book is to share with leaders of all disciplines the science and the art of building a championship team. This is a book for CHAMPIONS! Now let’s move you and your team toward championship status.
“If you don’t like your World, become a Champion Leader and Change it ” Vernon J. Shazier

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Book Release By: Timothy Atunnise

New Book Release
By: Timothy Atunnise
On Sale Now for $12.95

How wonderful would it be to start your day with joy and end it with great success? The Spirit of the Lord led me to write Prayer of the Day, a wonderful, daily spiritual vitamin. He promised that this book would touch and change many lives and situations for the better as people began to commit every day to the hands of God, for He knows the beginning and ending. Prayer is communion with God. Through prayer we actually experience relationship with God. The quality of our prayer life determines the quality of our relationship with God. I promise you, in the name of the Lord, that you will experience the power of God, great deliverance and a move of the Holy Spirit in your life as you join millions of people across the globe in prayer every morning before you start your day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hope of Vision Publishing Testimonial: By A.O. Fulmore

I’ve had to privilege and honor of working with America’s #1 Publisher and the fastest growing publishing company in the nation, Hope of Vision Publishing, LLC. Germaine Miller is professional and lays out the best services in a punctual and concise manner. The business ethic that is demonstrative through Hope of Vision Publishing reflects the finest quality and deserves a perfect 10 and 5 stars. You are treated personally and your project is always considered top priority. You’re made to feel and know that you and your vision matter most.
I’ve had the sheer pleasure of working with Germaine Miller and W.E.G. Media and I look forward to future endeavors and business ventures with this 5 star company.
A.O. Fulmore
Author of Eyes Never Lie
Available at