Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Book Release
By: Vernon S. Williams
On Sale Now for $14.99

If the melody of Heaven is worship, worship is the tension on earth.

Very possibly the final session Christ has with His disciples is that of an experience on the Mountain at Galilee. He forewarns them, prior to Calvary, to meet Him there. He sends an angel after Calvary with a message to meet Him there. He reveals Himself before Mary and Mary Magdalene to remind the disciples to go to the Mountain of Galilee for there He says, “I will meet you.”

Matthew’s Gospel Chapter 28:16 - 17 records the meeting. He tells them to go and tell everyone you see about this way of life.

Worship! Join the harmony!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Book Release
By: Vernon J. Shazier
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The purpose of this book is to share with leaders of all disciplines the science and the art of building a championship team. This is a book for CHAMPIONS! Now let’s move you and your team toward championship status.
“If you don’t like your World, become a Champion Leader and Change it ” Vernon J. Shazier